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The State of Things

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    More waiting

    EPIK have my documents. Thankfully they didn’t end up floating in the ocean somewhere, as I had feared. They somehow crossed continents and landed safely in South Korean hands. I now wait for an offer, if one is forthcoming - which I’m pretty confident it should be. I’ve applied to SMOE for a teaching job in Seoul so now I wait and hope that this dream will be realised. If it’s not Seoul then that’s life I suppose. But, I really hope it’s Seoul… we’ll see. I await the email…

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    …my EPIK teaching application package that I posted to South Korea over a week ago?! Where on this sprawling sphere of ours does it reside at this moment in time? In which lush green field does it lay after its plunge from the aircraft? On what rolling, emerald sea does it float as flotsam from that careless cargo ship? And why didn’t I pay more at the post office for global tracking? Why?! Arrhhhhh! That is all.

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    EPIK (quite literally)

    Okay, so I have my EPIK teaching interview date set for this Monday (9th) at 7.30am Italian time (much earlier than I expected, things are moving with Millennium Falcon-like speed). I’m sure there’s a few people in the same boat, probably feeling slightly seasick and trying to suppress the urge to throw up over their apostilled diploma. I started planning a move to South Korea a year ago so there’s plenty to be nervous about. Of course I’ll be researching thoroughly for the interview to make sure I’ve got all my incisive rejoinders cocked and ready to fire. Or, failing that, I’ll tape some answers to the wall behind my laptop. Gotta love Skype interviews.

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